The Great Debate: Radial vs. Bias

There’s more to it than just getting the right size tire. You should take tire construction taken into account, there are two types of tires – Bias and Radials.

Radial vs Bias

Radial Tires
To increase structural integrity, radial tires are constructed with perpendicular polyester plies and crisscrossing steel belts underneath the tread. This construction provides a smooth ride and extends the life of the tire.

Used for: Long-haul towing: travel trailers, toy haulers, larger boats and livestock

Radial Trail HD Radial Trail HD:

  • Best-in-class
  • Premium rubber compounds to dissipate heat
  • High tensile belt package for increased impact resistance
  • Even pressure distribution proving better gas mileage and longer treadwear

Bias Tires
A bias tire’s construction consists of internally crisscrossing nylon cord plies at a 30 to 45-degree angle to the tread center line. This design gives the tire a tough and rugged build and increases sidewall puncture resistance.

Used for: Local applications: Construction, agriculture, marine, utility applications

Radial Trail HD Sport Trail LH:

  • Excellent robust construction
  • Designed with a wider shoulder to reduce rolling resistance
  • Innovative tread and contour to reduce road noise and prevent heat build-up
  • Outperformed DOT standards by 3 ½ times longer than regulations required
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