Speeding to Victory

Auto speed racing is a trend that never goes out of style. It’s a business that delivers daredevil moves, heart-pounding excitement and dangerous feats. Between Formula One, NASCAR Cup Series, IndyCar and FIA World Endurance Championship, this bustling industry embodies hundreds of sponsors and thousands of fans.

Tracing back to the late 1800’s, pushing speed limits were met at the Land Speed Record. Regulated by the Fédération Internationale de l ‘Automobile, the Land Speed Record showed the world how vehicle innovation was reaching new heights at unimaginable speeds.

In 1970, renowned racer Gary Gabelich shocked the world by reaching speeds of 622.407 mph in his Blue Flame, rocket powered vehicle – using custom high-speed aluminum wheels built by Cragar.

The event took place at the Bonneville Salt Flats near Wendover, UT. Filled with drag racing enthusiasts and world-famous vehicles, stakes were high and risks were even higher for both Cragar and Gabelich.

When all systems were a “go”, the Blue Flame shot like a rocket, zooming so fast across the salt flats that most onlookers only saw a blue blur. When the dust settled, the only thing left was the faint smell of burnt rubber, a hot engine and a new world record holder.

Thanks to Gabelich’s record breaking attempt, Cragar Industries could now claim it had the “World’s Fastest Wheel”. Gabelich held on to that record for 13 years before his record was broken.

With well-deserved bragging rights, the 1970 Land Speed Record event helped bring the Cragar brand reputation to prestigious levels of performance and style that still lives on today.

Blue Flame - Speedquest World Fastest Wheel Video
Watch the 1970, The Blue Flame became the world land speed record holder. Watch the YouTube video “Speedquest” to see the whole story.