Voice of the Customer

Customer satisfaction is one of our top priorities. Through outstanding customer service and an unmatched product portfolio, we give our customers a variety of quality solutions to grow their business. Our care and commitment to serve our customers is what drives our company to establish long-lasting partnerships.

“Your trailer, lawn mower, and ATV tires not only hold up to the rugged workload here at the Trophy Bass Retreat, they ensure our boats and service trailers/mowers/ATVs are ‘ready to roll’ 24/7. I could not be happier with your outstanding products and greatly appreciate your continued support. I convey my deepest gratitude to the staff and management at Carlstar! Let’s go fishing!”

Ray Scott, B.A.S.S. Founder

“Carlisle Tires are absolutely the best and only tire brand used by American Bass Anglers! From 40ft stage trailers to tri-axle pontoon trailers to prize boats, Carlisle tires wear longer and hold up better than any competitive brands that we have ever used.”

Morris Sheehan, President- American Bass Anglers

“I have been in the vintage wheel business for going on 15 years and I rely on the Cragar brand as it is a well established, well known name in the industry, always good quality and an easy sell for a dealer. The Cragar S/S and Keystone Klassics are both designs that have been around for decades. The Cragar S/S is my best selling aftermarket wheel of all that I handle. As a retailer, specializing in vintage style wheels, I would be lost without the Cragar brand.”

Darryl Loose, Wheels Master Classics

“Whether I am taking my boat on a trek across country to a hot fishing destination or riding my ATV on my farm, there is only one tire that I trust and that’s Carlisle. Simply the best. Period!”

Earl Bentz, President & Founder of Triton Boats