Global Footprint and Operational Excellence: It’s all in the mix

As a global leader in the manufacture and supply of specialty tires and wheels our global footprint, capabilities, and reach are what set us apart from the competition. We operate across North America, Asia and Europe with facilities strategically located to help us better service our end customers and our distribution partners. This combination helps us produce and deliver product where and when it’s needed. 


Building a tire is about more than just science and formulas. It’s truly an art and we take this art seriously in our manufacturing facilities. Our engineers and specialized tire builders craft our products to the highest standards of performance, durability, and design. You see a functional tire, we see the tool that will give you an edge on the trail or help you get the job done safely and efficiently. We know you have a lot riding on our products and we take care to build them to your high standards.
Our three tire manufacturing facilities are capable of producing over 60,000 tires per day

As a manufacturer of both tires and wheels, our facilities are vertically integrated. This means we have the ability to control the entire production process. From mixing and blending the actual rubber used in our tires, to hand building up each layer in a tire, to molding the unique tread pattern into each tire – this process and material integration allows us to control the entire production process so we can focus on delivering the highest quality products to our customers and the end-user.

Our ability to optimize production is key. We offer one of the broadest portfolios of products for a variety of equipment from Lawn and Garden, Construction, Agriculture, ATV and UTV, Trailers and Hauling, Automotive Wheels, and Industrial Applications so producing the right mix at the right time is critical to satisfying customers. With a diverse and flexible production capacity, we are able to strategically shift production, optimize the mix of products produced and customize our offering for our partners. In addition, we have the ability to run our facilities 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to accommodate peak seasons or increased demand from our customers. Each facility can produce hundreds of thousands of tires each month and with over two million square feet of strategically located Distribution Facilities, our speed to market is unmatched.

In addition, our diverse specialty tire and wheel portfolio means we can provide many assembly options for our customers. Adding in our wheel manufacturing capabilities, we can provide individual components or complete assemblies for our customers. We are a one-stop shop for all specialty tires and wheels.


Our Quality Policy:

The Carlstar Group, LLC and all affiliates delivers assemblies, tires, wheels and accessories that meet or exceed our customer’s expectations and applicable requirements for performance, quality and service. The Carlstar Business System will continually drive improvements in the quality management system, products, quality, service and profitability for the Carlstar Group LLC, all affiliates, our customers and our shareholders.

The Carlstar Group investments heavily in its manufacturing process technology as well as its analytical testing equipment to ensure our products are best-in-class. We align these processes with highly skilled professional engineers and technicians. Through these people and this process, engineering solutions are achieved that deliver quality, purpose-designed products.

It all starts with the right people. The Carlstar Group is proud to have built a strong Quality Engineering Team dedicated to driving results. Their focus is on quality system building and process control. In addition, our Process Engineers focus on the relentless pursuit of excellence and reduction in variation within our processes and our portfolio. We are not only driven to achieve best in class results but to achieve consistency in the quality and production of our products as well.

To assist our talented teams, we have established a Global Quality Management System (QMS) across our entire network of manufacturing and distribution facilities that is based on ISO 9001 and TS 16949 standards. This ensures we maintain the highest standards in design, development and manufacturing throughout our entire organization. We are proud that all of our Carlstar manufacturing locations are ISO 9001 certified. However, we take pride in going beyond the industry standards and put a great deal of focus on continuous improvement and customer satisfaction.

We know that our success is riding on our tires and we take tremendous care to ensure we deliver quality, performance and durability in each and every product we make.

Key processes in Manufacturing:
  • Material preparation
  • Mixing
  • Production
  • Tire assembly and building
  • Curing
  • Quality control
  • Warehousing and logistics
Key OEM Partners:
  • John Deere
  • Husqvarna
  • Bobcat
  • MTD
  • Polaris
  • Arctic Cat

Commitment to Lean Manufacturing and Continuous Improvement

At The Carlstar Group, we are never satisfied with the status quo and we live by a culture of Continuous Improvement. This is why we created the Carlstar Business System (CBS) that contains a broad and varied tool box for our employee’s to use in improving our products, our processes and our customer interactions. We strive to develop processes and ideas that will help us better serve the industry we are in and the customers that rely on our products every day. As such we employ lean principles in our work that include Kaizen events, 5S plus Safety, Standard Work, Lean Daily Management, Daily improvement projects and much more. Each and every employee is empowered to utilize the tools available and to implement Continuous Improvement throughout the organization.

We take pride in what we build and what we do every day and continuously look for ways to be better tomorrow