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2021 CEO’s Excellence Awards Winners

The CEO’s Excellence Award recognizes team members who meet the highest levels of professional conduct, effort, performance and achievement at Carlstar. This year’s winners are joining an elite group who exemplify what it means to be the best of the best.


These team members were role models of 2021’s organizational theme to “Elevate yourself, Elevate your team, Elevate your expectations” and helped the company achieve record results in 2021. We are proud of them and celebrate their contributions as they support Carlstar’s journey to become the Best Specialty Tire and Wheel Company. 

—Jacob Thomas, CEO

  • Ágnes Kormányos
  • Alex Demedicis
  • Ashley Garcia
  • Ben Holt
  • Brian Crisamore
  • Bryan Daly
  • Chen Jianhao
  • Dannie Robinson
  • Dennis White
  • Doug Henry
  • Doug Sides
  • Du Xiaogang
  • Eric Hansen
  • Ernesto Gonzalez
  • Geneva Campbell
  • Grace Mulford
  • Hajnalka Non
  • James Lane
  • Jasmin Castro
  • Jody Faulkner
  • Joe Richardson
  • Josh F. Taylor
  • Li Jianquan
  • Li Mengmei
  • Li Zhiyue
  • Lin Xueqin
  • Liu Daoguang
  • Mátyás Czemmel
  • Melinda Hunt
  • Michael Travis
  • Mike Fulford
  • Mike Lowe
  • Nathan Day
  • Nick Byrd
  • Oral Lambert
  • Qiu Guanghui
  • Ricardo De La Cruz
  • Robert Benn
  • Roy Brydson
  • Sam Sackey
  • Shane Reed
  • Shawn Menzies
  • Travis Langdale
  • Unique Lendor
  • Will Garrison
  • Willie Haynes
  • Wu Qirui
  • Yang Qinguo
  • Zhan Tiancai


About The Carlstar Group

The Carlstar Group is headquartered in Franklin, Tennessee, and is a global manufacturer of original equipment and aftermarket specialty tires and wheels for the agriculture, construction, outdoor power equipment, powersports, high-speed trailer and flat free/manual markets. The diverse portfolio of solutions are offered under several leading brands including Carlisle® tires and wheels, ITP® tires and wheels, as well as Cragar®, Black Rock® and Unique® wheels and Marastar® flat free and manual tires. The Carlstar Group employs 3,000 associates in 15 facilities located in four countries. The Carlstar Group has a culture of converting great ideas into advanced products and has created a legacy of excellence in product innovation, quality, and customer service. For more about The Carlstar Group, visit