Unique Brand Steel Wheels

Unique Steel Wheels

Unique is an industry leader in the aftermarket steel wheel business offering a wide range of sizes and styles with a variety of fitments for cars, light trucks, and SUVs. Ranging from value-priced steel wheels to the latest in polished and chrome-plated aluminum designs, Unique wheels offer the right look and feel for every driver. 

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Q.   How do I balance my Unique Steel wheels to minimize vibration?  
A. Unique Steel wheels are lug centric and should be balanced by the lug-holes.

Q.   My late model truck came with Aluminum wheels, will Unique Steel wheels fit?
A. Yes, in most cases Unique wheels will fit, but you must do a fitment check first. Before mounting tires to your new wheels, have your dealer check for brake interference on the front and rear of your vehicle. 

Q.   How do I care for the chrome finish on my Unique wheels? 
A. Wash with mild soap and water regularly, wax wheels with a non-abrasive wax a few times per year. 

Q.   Can I by directly from the factory? 
A. No, we only sell to wheel and tire warehouses. Check our Find a Retailer page. 

Q.   What is Backspacing? 
A. Backspacing is the distance from the mounting surface of the wheel, which contacts the hub, to the outermost edge of the rear of the wheel.

Q. Where can I find more size and fitment information?
A. Visit our Application Fitment Guide to more details.