Styled Wheels

Series 177 Super Supreme

Unique aftermarket steel wheels offer a wide range of sizes and styles with a variety of fitments for cars, light trucks, and SUVs.  Ranging from value-priced wheels to the latest in polished and chrome-plated aluminum designs, Unique wheels offer the right look and feel for every driver.

CONSTRUCTION: 2-Piece Composite – Steel Rim with Aluminum Center
FIT: Direct Fit
CAP: Style – Push-through, included

Part Number Sort OrderSKUSizeBolt PatternOffset (MILLIMETER)Rear Spacing (INCH)Center Bore (INCH)Lug Nut TypeRated Load (POUND)FinishWeight (POUND)Additional Information
999999991521097402B15x65x4.5-13.00003.00003.1750Conical or Bulge Seat Nut1580.0000Chrome23.0000
999999991521098402B15x65x4.75-13.00003.00003.1750Conical or Bulge Seat Nut1580.0000Chrome23.0000
999999991521100402B15x75x4.5-13.00003.50003.1500Conical or Bulge Seat Nut1580.0000Chrome25.0000
999999991521101402B15x75x4.75-13.00003.50003.1750Conical or Bulge Seat Nut1580.0000Chrome25.0000
999999991521102402B15x75x5.0-13.00003.50003.1750Conical or Bulge Seat Nut1580.0000Chrome25.0000
999999991521103402B15x85x4.5-22.00003.62503.1750Conical or Bulge Seat Nut1580.0000Chrome27.0000
999999991521104402B15x85x4.75-22.00003.62503.1750Conical or Bulge Seat Nut1580.0000Chrome27.0000
999999991521105402B15x85x5.0-22.00003.62503.1750Conical or Bulge Seat Nut1580.0000Chrome27.0000
999999991521106402B15x105x4.5-32.00004.25003.1750Conical or Bulge Seat Nut1580.0000Chrome33.0000
999999991521107402B15x105x4.75-32.00004.25003.1750Conical or Bulge Seat Nut1580.0000Chrome33.0000
999999991521108402B15x105x5.0-32.00004.25003.1750Conical or Bulge Seat Nut1580.0000Chrome33.0000

*Lug Nuts Sold Separately

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