Golf season is in full bloom!

Golf season is in full bloom!

Golf season is in full bloom and our golf tires are here to make sure you don’t miss the opportunity to show off your perfect backswing. From soft terrain to hard-surfaced paths, our golf tires are engineered to perform both on the green and in closed communities.

Tour Max Tour Max

  • Low profile
  • Tightly packed tread elements for smooth rolling performance
  • Durable rubber compound and tire construction for hard surfaces
Turf Glide Turf Glide

  • Known as one of the original golf car tires
  • Tall sidewall to absorb impact
  • Round contour profile for turf protection
Links Links

  • Wide footprint
  • Strong sidewall
  • Long-wear rubber compounds
  • Subtle sawtooth tread design to channel water
  • High surface-to-void ratio
Fairway Pro Fairway Pro

  • Excellent value
  • Cross-hatch tread design that provides balance and traction on soft terrain
HD Field Trax HD Field Trax

  • Designed for high-performance utility vehicles
  • Wide profile feature for efficient stability on tougher terrains
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