Marastar: We just want you to enjoy the ride.

Marastar has been a trusted business partner for retailers, distributors and OEMs across a variety of industries for over 15 years. Marastar strives to provide consumers with products that are easy to purchase and install, and built to take on everyday challenges. As a lead provider of Marathon flat free tires, air-filled tires (pneumatic), residential and contractor wheelbarrows, hand truck tires and lawnmower tires, Marastar serves as a one-stop-shop for any handyman. With decades of experience in the field, state of the art testing, validation resources and curiosity to constantly challenge what’s been done before, Marastar has found ways of eliminating downtime caused by flats.
  • Find readily available product – the team at Marastar strives to make sure product is available when and where you need a replacement fast with convenient options of wide retail offerings and quick shipping.
  • Make your shopping experience simple – consumers are equipped with all of the information needed to buy replacement parts to make the right purchase the first time.
  • Access easy to install references – with helpful written and video instructions available, fixing equipment is easier than ever to ensure you have a quick, easy and safe experience.