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  • Carlisle Launches New Ultra Guard LVT Skid Steer Tire

    Feb 4, 2014




    Carlisle has introduced the Ultra Guard LVT, a new tire for skid steer loaders. The new LVT launch is timely.  As the economy continues to recover and the construction market grows, demand has increased for skid steer loaders and skid steer tires. More than ever, contractors are aware that longer wear and better performance equals less downtime and in turn more profitability.


    The Ultra Guard LVT is designed specifically for hard surface application, featuring a tread pattern which maximizes both surface contact and the working life of the tire. Maximum ground contact is achieved through use of the Ultra Guard LVT’s high lug-to-void tread pattern.


    Carlisle uses a premium chip/chunk resistant tread compound which prolongs tire life and delivers increased puncture resistance. Carlisle engineers have also added an innovative center bar at the crown of the tire which further extends tread life.  


    Ultra Guard LVT performance excels when worksite durability is required, resisting abrasive hazards such as rocks, concrete, asphalt and other general  demolition debris. Truly suited for severe duty applications, this tire also features thicker sidewall rubber gauge to enhance protection against sidewall damage. The Ultra Guard LVT’s “more is more” design means more rubber on the road equates to smoother ride and improved tread longevity. 


    Carlisle tested the Ultra Guard LVT in the laboratory and in tough customer field trials to assess performance in real life conditions. Contractor feedback was excellent:


    “We have purchased numerous brands in the past and regardless of what brand we purchased, the lifespan averaged between 200-300 hours. With the Ultra Guard LVT we are getting between 700-1000 hours of use.”

    “Ultra Guard LVT tires are tough as nails and very puncture resistant.”

    “Ultra Guard LVT tires have increased our production and lowered our cost of operation drastically, as well as reduced down-time due to less frequent tire changes.” 


    The Ultra Guard LVT tire is an ideal choice for:

    • Extreme Conditions
    • Worksite Endurance 
    • Performance Savings


    The LVT line is available now from your authorized Carlisle Tire Distributor.  Ultra Guard LVT – always ready for the next tough job.